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Amasya is the city of the Ottoman princes

Amasya is the city of the Ottoman princes

Amasya is the city of the Ottoman princes

Amasya is the city of the Ottoman princes …

It is located in Wad Harshina, on the banks of the Yashil Armak river between mountains above the Black Sea coast.

It is the capital of the municipality of “Amasya”.

Amasya was a center for the training and education of princes, kings, poets, scientists, artists and intellectuals.

Features wooden houses dating back to the Ottoman period and tombs of kings carved in the slopes, making it a special place for tourists.

Houses, cottages, wooden huts, and many other major historical buildings have been restored to restaurants, bars, hotels and other attractions that attract tourists and visitors.

The number of tourists to this city was estimated at 500,000 tourists in 2011 from local and foreign tourists.

In 2012, 350 thousand tourists.

Amasya is the best site for the total solar eclipse

Such as the one on 11 August 1999, where many visitors came to see this rare event.

The region has a transitional climate between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is warm in summer and cold and rainy in the winter.

The most important tourist features:

The Harsin Castle, located on a rocky cliff, is above the city and overlooks a magnificent view. It was built in the middle ages and has four main gates. On its slopes are the tombs of the Pontos kings, dating back to the third century BC. Their appearance, illuminated at night, is impressive and astonishing in its beauty.

The famous Amasya Museum, which consists of two floors, contains a number of toiletries on its lower floor, while the upper floor displays the objects of the Ottoman sultans.

The city has many monuments such as its mosque since the Seljuk era, the Chagallian bridge and many other charming landmarks.



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